How We Grow

Someone asked me recently how I’ve grown through the March Experiment. Interestingly enough it was the asking of the question itself that sparked the most thought. I’m a natural storyteller and am often sharing a story as a means of connection. What this person did, was not only listen to my story they then engaged me in an active conversation though a thoughtful question. This lead me to think how its engagement that leads to true connection. I love being a storyteller. There is growth however on the horizon as I take in this new lesson and practice listening to others stories and asking more questions. This is how we grow isn’t it? Sometimes a lesson needs to really knock us over the head before we hear it, but as I’ve gotten healthier, older and a little wiser I’ve gained the ability to sit quietly with my thoughts and the lessons no longer need a sledgehammer. For today I’m going to focus on this new lesson. I’ll be back later to reflect on the multitude of personal benefits I’ve gained by showing up every March to celebrate myself through declaration.

Be Brave

Be Yourself


Here Comes March…

It’s that time again. For the past few years as the importance of this ritual has grown in my life I’ve been trying to figure out how to grow it. Recently it occurred to me that what I’m trying to do is present this as a gift. I can’t imagine anything better than a world where we as women stopped doubting ourselves, spending millions on the self help industry and just looked in the mirror. Really looked and found what it is we like.

So, this is an invitation. Take this idea. Share it. Spread it.

Here’s how it works: For one month you make a decision, a commitment to say out loud something you like about yourself. I started this back in 2014 by sending a message to a small group of women asking them if they would join a Facebook group with me. I would then commit to say something in the group every day for the month of March that I liked about myself. Anyone could join me. You could post every day, or maybe just once or twice. Whatever felt comfortable. The only real rule is that you had to declare something you like about yourself. No backhanded complements. No diminishing yourself. You can be public and tweet it out, make an Instagram post, put it up on Facebook or even make a TikTok video. Or, you can make a small private Facebook group, or email chain, Zoom about it with your tribe. Whatever works for you. The trick is to start saying things you like about yourself. It’s going to be uncomfortable. Do it anyway.

Be Brave

Be Vulnerable

Be Courageous


The Beginning

In 2014 I had a small idea, what if instead of beating myself up for my birthday I try something new? I would put pen to paper, commit to daily writing something I like about myself. I would need to share it, take a risk and not just hide it away in a journal. No, for this to work it would need to see the light of day. I created a small group of trusted friends and committed to them that I would share something every single day for an entire month that I liked about myself. Over the past years this experiment in vulnerability has become something I treasure.

I would like to invite other women to take part in this experiment. Make a commitment to say out loud what it is you’re good at.

Be brave.

Be kind.

Be your best self.

And then share it! Tell us all what you really like about yourself.