How We Grow

Someone asked me recently how I’ve grown through the March Experiment. Interestingly enough it was the asking of the question itself that sparked the most thought. I’m a natural storyteller and am often sharing a story as a means of connection. What this person did, was not only listen to my story they then engaged me in an active conversation though a thoughtful question. This lead me to think how its engagement that leads to true connection. I love being a storyteller. There is growth however on the horizon as I take in this new lesson and practice listening to others stories and asking more questions. This is how we grow isn’t it? Sometimes a lesson needs to really knock us over the head before we hear it, but as I’ve gotten healthier, older and a little wiser I’ve gained the ability to sit quietly with my thoughts and the lessons no longer need a sledgehammer. For today I’m going to focus on this new lesson. I’ll be back later to reflect on the multitude of personal benefits I’ve gained by showing up every March to celebrate myself through declaration.

Be Brave

Be Yourself